Sex and Zen & A Bullet in the Head

The Hong Kong Filmography 1977 - 1997

The Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies

Hong Kong - The Extra Dimensions

City on Fire

Planet Hong Kong

Hong Kong Babylon

Hong Kong Action Cinema

Deadly China Dolls

From Bruce Lee to the Ninjas

I am Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan - Inside the Dragon

Asian Trash Cinema

Wong Kar - Wai

Asian Pop Cinema- Bombay to Tokyo

Mondo Macabro

Singapore Cinema

Asia Shock

Fonoroff - At the Hong Kong Movies

Milkyway Image - Beyond Imagination

Lisa Morton - The Cinema of Tsui Hark

Stephen Teo - King Hu's - A Touch of Zen

Michael Ingham - Johnny To's PTU

Parish - Jet Li: A Biography

Hong Kong

Asian Cult Cinema Magazine

Oriental Cinema

Video Watchdog

Cine East

Ten Thousand Bullets
The Cinematic Journey of John Woo

Hollywood East

Silver Light

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