Hong Kong
 Editor Martha Burr
Ph. 1-800-824-2433

This magazine has come out with its first issue dated September 1999. With the failure of a few HK cinema magazines over the last couple of years, this is certainly a welcome feature. It is affiliated with Kung Fu Magazine and there is a definite kung fu slant in its coverage of HK films. I don't get the feeling that a lot of comedies and love stories are going to be reviewed here.

The first issue seems to contain the usual HK stuff that one might expect as it focuses on the major stars. It has an article on Jackie Chan at a wushu contest in Hawaii, interviews with Sammo, Ronnie Yu, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun Fat, Shannon Lee and articles on Black Mask, The Matrix, Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Hector Echavarria. A nice mix of things for a first issue.

There are a lot of pictures and the writers seem fairly knowledgable. Perhaps as time goes on they will focus on some lesser known stars. I want information on the "girls with guns" stars myself. It also doesn't seem to have an obnoxious point of view from the editor as two other HK film magazines that come to mind do. Just an apparent appreciation of HK action films without an agenda.