Oriental Cinema
edited by Damon Foster
PO Box 969 - Centralia IL - 62801

I am not sure what the regularity of this magazine is. I can't say that much of it covers new ground. The films that it reviews are often years old, but from time to time it has an interesting article about someone.

Both HK and Japanese cinema are discussed within their pages, but the balance seems more directed to Japanese films. Japanese monsters seem to have a special place in the editorís heart as almost entire issues have been dedicated to Gamera or Godzilla.

I am not sure if they even allow subscriptions as I can't find anything in the magazine suggesting such a thing or even a phone number to call.

After having just read issue #16 which is dedicated to the films of Jet Li, I have had to revise my already so-so opinion of this magazine.  These reviews are without a doubt some of the most annoying and least informed opinions I have ever come across. They are nearly all written by the editor Damon Foster who admits at the beginning that he doesn't like Jet Li and doesn't like the HK films of the nineties. So why bother to come out with this issue? Trying no doubt to cash in on the recent Jet Li publicity in the states.

His reviews are clearly written more for his own amusement than to inform his readers. So full of snide remarks, moronic adolescent metaphors and tedious rants that I felt in need of a shower after finishing as many reviews as I could.  His favorite descriptive word is "sucks". How old is this guy - fifteen?  Not only has Foster apparently refused to enter the 90's on a cinematic level, but on a technological one as well. Has the fact that word processors now have this thing called "spell checkers" escaped his attention or does he just think that it is really cool having his magazine littered with spelling errors and jumbled grammar.

He has also gone the Asian Cult Cinema route by having a scantily clad Asian female on the back cover for no particular reason. Great  - how many people buy this magazine for that reason I wonder - but after reading these reviews it may be the only reason to buy this rag.

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