Video Watchdog
edited by Tim Lucas
PO Box 5283 - Cincinnati OH - 45205-0283
Ph - (513) 471-8989
$6.50 - Bi-Monthly

The focus of this terrific magazine is on horror and sci-fi or other films that tend to be obscure to American audiences. John Charles covers the HK film beat and he is extremely knowledgable about them. Most issues cover four to five HK films.

What is of interest though besides information on the films themselves is that this magazine really details the quality of the release itself whether it be on video or dvd. This can be very valuable before you plunk down some $$ and find out the transfer is murky or that it is missing scenes.

I find much of what they cover very interesting and have followed up on a number of films that they have reviewed - and found most of them to be well worth it.