Mondo Macabro
 By Pete Tombs
189 Pages
Soft cover
St Martin's Griffin

This book covers exploitation/horror films produced in both Asia and Latin America. I have found it very interesting and a good source for these types of films. There is a wealth of information and interesting tidbits. Tombs does more than just give a litany of films and then review them. He attempts to put them in perspective to what else was happening in the film industry at the time. Some of the films that he writes about sound very bizarre, but at the same time intriguing. If you are into these types of films, this is certainly a good buy.

Three chapters are devoted to HK films - chapter 1 on kung-fu exploitation films such as Deadly Snail vs Kung Fu Killers, chapter 2 on HK blue films from the 70's on and chapter 3 on horror/fantasy films from the 70's on.  It also has chapters on the Philippines, Indonesia, India (2 chapters), Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and three on Japan.