From Bruce Lee to the Ninjas
by R. Meyers, A. Harlib, B. & K. Palmer
  A Citadel Press Book - 1985
Paperback - 255 pages - $15

For those like myself who know very little about HK film before the days of Jackie Chan, this is an excellent introduction to those chop-socky films that played on TV on Saturday afternoons with their dreadful dubbing and sound effects.

Though I am not a real big fan of these films, it is interesting to understand the history of HK film. The first chapter begins with Bruce Lee, but then continues with a lot of information on other stars such as Jimmy Wang Yu, Chang Cheh and other stars from the 1960ís and 1970ís. I found much of this very interesting.

There is also a chapter devoted to the Japanese action stars such as Sonny Chiba, Zatoichi, The Lone Wolf and others.