Top 10 list from Sydney Guy

1) The Storm Riders: I know a lot of people either loved this movie or hated it, but I loved it!! It does take a few viewings to appreciate it but once you become fully drawn into the Stormrider world, you'll find many themes that drew me to this film. And the CGI effects did help........

2) Royal Tramp 1 and 2: Royal Tramp 1 immediately continues to Royal Tramp 2. A very funny movie with wirework action that will make you laugh non stop. It's a great mix of action and comedy

3) Dragons Forever: This is the best Jackie Chan movie made, which includes his "brothers". Very funny and full of action, and Yuen Biao steals his scenes by playing an eccentric robber friend of Jackie’s, who doesn't really like Sammo........

4) High Risk: Notice a trend with the last 2 movies? A great action film with a great blend of comedy. The spinning car scene I thought was one of the best gunplay scenes I have seen in a long while. Look out for Jacky Cheung impersonating Bruce Lee, very funny!!

5) Hardboiled: Tony Leung almost steals the show from Chow Yun Fat in this gritty suspenseful police action drama. Anthony Wong shows his diversity as he plays his bad guy role to perfection.

6) Legend of the Wolf: A lot of people may be going WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!! Maybe why I liked this film so much is because I don't have to think that much. Donnie Yen's directorial debut reminds me of the old SHAW movies with plenty of action and little plot. But this had more than that, many themes that reminded me of the manga/anime FIST OF THE NORTH STAR

7) The Mission: What can you say about a movie that doesn't reach 1.5 hours and has slow paced action?? EXCELLENT. This movie shows what style really means. A simplistic plot but the drive of the movie is it characters. Watch out for a "City on Fire" ending which will leave you wanting more!!

8) Mr. Vampire: Simply the best horror comedy there is. Very funny horror/comedy/action that is a benchmark for all movies of this type.

9) Needing You: Simply the best romantic comedy made!! A must for couples and the ending will leave you with a warm fuzzy good feeling!!

10) Asian Connection: There is nothing special about this movie but the on screen natural performances of Danny Lee and Michael Chow made this movie better than I expected. Not action packed, but character driven. It shows what you can do if you don't have a big   budget or giant explosions. And I love the Chinese song in the movie.

Honourable mention:

The Chinese ghost story series
Most Jet li/ "modern day "Jackie Chan movies
Stephen Chow movies 1990 movies onwards

Romantic comedies:

Killing Me Tenderly,
Twlight Garden,
Tom, Dick and Hairy


Operation Scorpio
Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Shop
On the Run
She Shoots Straight


Moonlight Express
Jiang Hu the Triad Zone
Task Force