Top 10 list from Pekka Masonen

My own top ten for HK films is as follows (of those I've seen; some of these are, in my mind, slightly underrated by the aficionados, but one can always argue on taste).

1. Chinese Ghost Story I

2. Last Hero in China

3. Comrades, Almost a Love Story

4. Rouge

5. Swordsman II

6. The Killer

7. A Better Tomorrow III- [better than its reputation; especially I like  the tragic, or rather pathetic end, when CYF is escaping in the helicopter
 holding Anita. Sad but romantic.]

 8. A Moment of Romance -[Reminds me of WKW's As Tears Go By: a touching  Triad story of people who cannot escape their destiny]

 9. Drunken Master

 10. Flirting Scholar - [My first impression was What the heck is this!  This movie has to be seen several times to understand all the jokes --
 great comedy]