HK Cinema - 1992

One of the most loved and most hated directors/producers of the HK film scene is the amazingly prolific Wong Jing. He has gained a reputation for producing trashy, tasteless, stylish, fast moving, and often extremely popular films. He makes no claims to being an artist. His credo is give the people what they want and he has been doing that since the early 1980’s.
Certainly one of the best representations of his work is Naked Killer. It is full of style, sex, violence and Chingmy Yau. Chingmy just sizzles on the screen and became the top sex siren in HK films. Wong Jing developed a personal relationship with her and was to use Chingmy in many of his films.
Lots of people may look with disdain on Wong’s work, but there is no ignoring him. Some of my favorites films of his are God of Gamblers I & II, Royal Tramp I & II, Flying Dagger, The Last Hero in China, Kung Fu Cult Master, Fight Back to School, City Hunter, Boys are Easy, New Legend of Shaolin, High Risk and of course I am Your Birthday Cake.