HK Cinema - 1989

Chow Yun Fat had an amazing year in 1989. Not only did he star in The Killer, but also in the biggest box-office hit of the year with God of Gamblers. This story of an ultra suave gambler caught the fancy of the gambling loving folks of HK and as is usually the case of popular films in HK it spawned a number of sequels or similar type films.

Some of those to follow and imitate the original were quite good as well. Here are a few of the follow-ups in chronological order.

1990  - All for the Winners Stephen Chow
1990 God of Gamblers II Stephen Chow
1991 God of Gamblers III Back to Shanghai Stephen Chow
1991 Top Bet Anita Mui sequel to All for the Winner
1994 God of Gamblers Returns Chow Yun Fat
1995 Saint of Gamblers Eric Kot and Chingmy Yau
1996 God of Gamblers III The Early Stage Leon Lai
1998 Conman Andy Lau and Nicky Cheung
1999 Conman in Vegas Andy Lau and Nicky Cheung
1999 The Tricky Master Stephen Chow and Nicky Cheung