HK Cinema - 1985

With Police Story, Jackie brought his persona completely into the modern day. He had followed Project A with Wheels on Meals with his brothers Sammo and Yuen. This film did take place in modern day Barcelona, but it was a light comedy with the exception of the last incredible fight.
In Police Story though Jackie's work feels more mature and more serious as he plays a cop on the HK police force. There are still moments of comedy, but the focus is on the action and the amazing stunts. The story is far from light hearted as Jackie is framed for murder and on the run from his own friends. There have been three sequels to this film and in my mind the first three films of the series are among his finest films. They perfectly capture the essence of Jackie Chan. An incredible imagination with skills to match and the heart of a lion. His willingness to risk his body is crazy but inspiring.

One other actor to appear in the first three Police Stories was Maggie Cheung who played his suffering girlfriend. Maggie had actually been brought up in England, but had entered a HK beauty contest. She didnít win, but she caught someoneís eye and was soon appearing in small parts. There was something about her adorable crooked tooth smile and high spirits that soon made her a favorite of fans. Though her role in Police Story is fairly small, the popularity of the series made a star of her as well. Was she more than a sweet goofy face with little acting talent? Time would tell.