HK Cinema - 1981

After his directorial debut in 1978, Sammo continued to expand on the concept of mixing action with comedy – with the comedy often being the focus. In 1979, he directed Knockabout in which he gave one of his “younger brothers” from school his first lead role – Yuen Biao. In the Victim he was back to kung-fu, By Hook and By Crook was nearly all comedy, then back to kung-fu with the incredible Magnificent Butcher and more comedy with Two Toothless Tigers. Then he came out with the very innovative Encounter of the Spooky Kind.
Sammo concocted a fabulous mix of kung-fu, comedy and the supernatural. Instead of battling the typical evil villain, it was an evil spirit that had to be dealt with. The film was quite popular and the prototype of many such films to follow. This was one of the very first films to use the hopping vampires. They were to become much more popular in some follow up films.