HK Cinema - 1980

Another director that might be included in The New Wave category is Kirk Wong. He brought a sense of visceral realism and brutality to many of his films.
One of his first films is called The Club. Years before Woo was to mine this territory, Wong tells a tale of triad life the sense of loyalty and the inevitable betrayals. I have seen this film referred to as one of the best crime films ever made in HK. As a side note, it is interesting to note that the main actor Michael Chan had been in the triads for many years and it was a newspaper article recounting his exploits that brought him to the attention of a film producer. Other films he appeared in are My Heart is the Eternal Rose and Royal Warriors
Wong has gone on to make a number of excellent crime films Crime Story (Jackie Chan), Rock and Roll Cop, Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (Danny Lee), Police Confidential and the recent Hollywood film, The Hit.