HK Cinema - 1978

Chang Cheh continued his success with a new series of kung-fu films The Five Deadly Venoms. This series of films continues to be popular till this day. Cheh put together a second team of actors to portray the five venoms lizard, toad, scorpion, snake and centipede. Cheh gave each character a unique fighting style based on their name. The five actors were in ten films and the films gained a reputation as being very violent and over the top.

Some of the second teams other films were: Crippled Avengers (1978), The Daredevils (1978), The Kid from the Golden Arm (1979), Ten Tigers from Kwangtung (1979), Spearmen of Death (1980), Masked Avengers (1981) and their final film House of Traps (1981).