HK Cinema - 1973

In 1973 John Woo directed his first film The Young Dragons. It was far from a great debut, but it marked the end of a long journey for Woo. He was born in the late 1940s in the Chinese city of Canton. At the age of three his family moved to HK, but the family was so poor that he was not able to go to school until he was nine. The school was Christian Methodist and that partly explains the usage of Christian symbolism is some of his films. It was a tough life for a young boy, but he found escape in the movies. He developed a love for all cinema and his films certainly show the influences of French (Melville) and American (Peckinpah) directors.
In 1969 he got his foot in the film industry door as a production assistant at Cathay Studios. He later moved to Shaw Studios and worked under Chang Cheh on a number of films. He formed his own independent company at the age of 26. Young Dragons was initially considered too violent and was banned, but Raymond Chow saw promise in the director and bought and re-edited the film. Golden Harvest signed Woo to a three-year contract to direct films.