HK Cinema - 1965

Come Drink with Me was the first classic film directed by King Hu. Like Kurosawa reinvented the samurai film, Hu brought new excitement and ideas to the martial arts film. They were beautifully filmed and had a wonderful epic feel to them and yet they never lose their sense of adventure and intimacy.

This film is also one of the first great HK female fighting roles with Cheng Pei Pei as a deadly swordswoman. Her name is clearly the inspiration for Kelly Huís name on Martial Law. This film along with Jade Bow (1966) and another Hu film Dragon Inn (remade by Hark in 1992) was the beginning of a more dynamic and enthralling action film.

King Hu was born in Beijing in 1931 and moved to HK in 1949. His films have wonderful camera movement and he builds intricate layered plots. His tremendous influence on directors such as Tsui Hark is easily discernible when watching his films.