HK Cinema - 1935

Ruan Lingyu was called the Chinese Garbo and was one of the great stars of their silent films. She has continued to fascinate Chinese audiences to the present.  Her life was perhaps too unorthodox for those days and she was on the receiving end of a great deal of malicious gossip from the newspapers. Unhappy with all of this, she took her life leaving a note stating “words of people are fearful”. She was 24 years old. On  the day of her funeral, three women killed themselves, their suicide note reading: "If Ruan Lingyu is dead, what else is there to live for?".
In 1991 Stanley Kwan directed the film Actress with Maggie Cheung that depicts the life of this great star. The film is a mix of clips of her films, interviews and Maggie recreating moments of her life.