Ghost Delivery

Director: Moelthaisong
Cast: Ananda Everingham, Carla Porter
Year: 2003
Running Time: 81 minutes

This film seems to have a problem deciding what it wants to be – a supernatural tale or a parody of one and its ambivalence doesn’t allow it to succeed in either. Perhaps somewhere in there is a semblance of an interesting plot but it rushes around so quickly that none of the threads or emotions are really explored except in cursory fashion. Bangkok is like everywhere else these days – full of ghosts – all kinds of them – headless ones, Krasue’s (just the head floating with tentacles), sweet ones, female ghosts with long hair – all jumbled and living together in the crowded mess of Bangkok. One thing a lot of them share though is boredom and a lack of direction in their after lives. This is where Piroyan comes in.

He can see and communicate with them, but instead of being scared he sees a business opportunity. There are a lot of humans who like a good scare – that’s why we watch horror films – so what could be scarier than a real ghost showing up at your house – o.k. George Bush as President for another four years – but besides that. So he sets up a website – – and people can order what kind of ghost they want to frighten them or their friends. All of his ghost employees are pretty good-natured and enjoy their work – sometimes they make mistakes and people die but that’s what insurance is for. These ghosts are basically waiting for their re-birth and Piroyan can measure their energy level to see if their time is coming.
The film takes a turn for a plot when an evil competitor makes a move to take over his business and his ghosts by using the malicious Tain ghosts to capture them all. He has some long-standing family grudge against Piroyan and wants to destroy him. In the meantime Piroyan meets up with a clinging ghost – the kind that always follow you home – in this case a very beautiful one called Rai who died about 100 years previously. She is extremely lovely and gentle though her energy level is dropping quickly, but that doesn't stop Piroyan from falling for her. The film has some so-so special effects but it just never engages the viewer much more than a Saturday morning TV show for kids.

My rating for this film: 4.5