The Story of the X-Circle

Stars: Bongkot Kongmalai, Leo Put
Time: ? minutes
Year: 2004

This mildly distasteful film seems to serve little purpose other than perhaps pushing the boundaries of what is allowed as sexual content in Thai films (in particular ones that play in theaters as opposed to the straight to video ones in which censorship seems more lax). Thailand has been fairly conservative regarding nudity in films in the past, but this appears to be going by the wayside very quickly. This film has a number of female nude scenes as well as being completely awash in perversely sexual behavior that aims to be amusing to some extent but is so loaded down with non-stop crassness that it ends up being tedious and leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Hey, I am as big a fan of masturbation scenes as anyone, but by the umpteenth display of up and down hand motions with guys moaning in distorted ecstasy even a good thing loses its rosy luster.

There is a huge demand for pornography on the streets of Bangkok apparently - especially of the hidden cam variety - but it is not strictly legal and has gone underground. X-man (Leo Put) is doing his best to supply these needs with material for their private moments by secretly filming intimate moments of people. The cops are ineffectively trying to crack down on this porno ring so they bring in their super weapon - Bongkot Kongmalai (Bang Rajan, Kunpan) - to help them out. Bongkot is certainly one of the more alluring females in Thai film today - sensually voluptuous with deep set eyes, she brings the camera to a full halt at times with her ample cleavage and blank but inviting stare. Acting talent may not run deep in her blood but she nearly shimmers on the screen with pent up sexuality.
A secret society of porno perverts has formed and they meet in a dank basement to talk about their favorite stars and scenes Ė kind of like a sports bar full of heterosexual males bonding over their teams. They all unanimously decide that they want a hidden cam tape of China Ė a top model with long legs and an engaging smile and they plead with X-man to get one. He parks himself across from her building in an abandoned construction site and waits for her to reveal herself and all of a sudden all the members of the pervert society show up as well and this leads to a mass masturbation scene that I didnít really need to see. Throw in some corrupt cops, a romance between X-man and Bongkot and the daily lives of some of these perverts and you end up with an idiotic hodgepodge of a film that just didnít seem to know what it wanted to be other than racy and controversial.

My rating for this film: 4.0