Director: N/A
Year: 2003
Starring: Kavee Tanjararak (Beam D2B), Paula Taylor
Time: 114 minutes

There isn’t a lot to recommend about this tepid Thai romance – in fact absolutely nothing comes to mind really. Maybe I missed something, but it took me three sittings to finish it and much of that was with my finger on the fast forward button. I can’t remember exactly why I purchased this film – oh ya – the title – “Sexphone”. Silly me for expecting a spicy comedy instead of this insipid bore. My guess is that whoever translated the Thai title to English took some major liberties because though there is lots of phone here, sex is a complete and unknown stranger in this film.

Duer (pop star Kavee Tanjararak – and he looks like your basic teen idol and sadly acts like one as well) and his next door neighbor Jay (Paula Taylor – also in "999-9999") are both very cute but can’t stand one another. Ok – movie over – you know where this is going. She is a bit of a snot nosed brat with a wealthy boyfriend and he is a bit of sack of meal. He works at a radio station – that amazingly seems to have only three people employed there – and when the DJ disappears he has to take over. He begins nighttime conversations with a woman who calls in and they become attracted to one another – but “Misty” this isn’t. The woman is of course Jay but neither realize who they are talking to and the film winds down its inevitable path with as much energy as a slumbering hedgehog. The film does contain a number of sugary songs that I assume are from Kavee. Oh – now I remember one good thing about this film – it has two happy endings! Just when you thankfully think the film is over and all is right in the world of young love – they break up – and we get another happy ending fifteen minutes later – it sure had me on pins and needles though.

My rating for this film: 2.5