Director: ?
Starring: Wannasa Thongwised, "Boom" Panatda Wongpoodee,  Nattanun Khunawat
Running Time: 91 minutes
Year: 2003

One of the few things that I have learned in life is that if you pass someone anywhere and suddenly have a flashback to a previous incarnation with this person, it is time to get out of town. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Another thing I should be learning but clearly have not done so is to avoid these low budget Thai horror films like a weekend in Atlantic City. Nothing good ever comes out of them either. This film is generally a very dull outing that moves along like a sleepy snail that would rather be napping. The only redeeming factors are the two attractive actresses, some cute outtakes at the end and a final fifteen minutes that finally has a smidgeon of gore and contains some mild emotional depth.

Wannasa Thongwised
In current day Bangkok, Sa (Wannasa Thongwised) works in an antiquity store and she has a fondness in particular for the ancient art of Cambodia. One afternoon Sarot (Nattanun Khunawat), an archeologist who specializes in Khmer history, visits the shop. As soon as they come into contact – zap – both get struck by images of historical scenes whirling around in their heads. Sa gets a nosebleed while Sarot sees someone who looks like himself cutting his own throat. At the same time an ancient burial site has been discovered and the coffin uncovered. Little do they know that by doing so they have released the vengeful spirit of Princess Mayawantra (Panatda Wongpoodee) – a pissed off spirit for very good reason as she was buried alive hundreds of years ago with a final oath on her lips to forever hunt down her killer in their many future lives. Now she is back and looking for a little payback. The story itself isn’t a bad one as it comes at this formulaic plot from a slightly different angle, but it is done in a painfully plodding manner with little cinematic style.
Panatda Wongpoodee

My rating for this film: 4.5