O' Lucky Man

Directed: Teerani Tamrongwinichai
Starring: Sam Chotibund, 'Ploy' Lila Boonyasak, Jutarat Atthakorn, Ackarat Nitipol.
Running Time: 91 minutes
Year: 2003

This movie is just stupid enough to be rather fun for the first 50 minutes before it unfortunately starts falling back on traditional romantic plotlines that leave you struggling to get to the finish line. Once you get there you are rather sorry you did. Tasteless sexual adolescent comedy has clearly become a cross-border phenomenon as evidenced recently by Korea’s “Sex is Zero” and now this Thai film. As tasteless and silly as it is I found it energetically and visually amusing at times and only wished it had kept at that pace and regimen till the end. There are also a bountiful bevy of beauties passing through that give this film an eye candy thumbs up – if that sort of thing interests anyone of course!

Em (Sam Chotibund) is a software designer working on a program that allows one to dream whatever you want – his test run has him in a kickboxing ring against a flurry of stunners – but there is still a bug in the program apparently as they beat the crap out of him. The lovely and seductive company owner (Jutarat Atthakorn) gives Em a wink and a week to fix the program. Em though is as he admits a sexaholic – one night stands with quick pickups in bars and discos is his operating model – and this begins causing him havoc in his life.
One evening while attempting to pleasure his latest conquest under the sheets, he comes face to face with God who tells him that he has to stop his nocturnal activities and only have sex with someone he loves – or else. The or else turns out to be things like sleeping with a transsexual, necking in a car with a mafia head’s wife, a psychopath with a long blade and a tube of crazy glue that was mistaken for lubrication. His friend suggests that to break his sexual needs he should start hanging out with their co-worker Milli. Milli (Lila Boonyasak) is so ugly that when she comes into the office in the morning everyone has to put on special glasses that cover her blemishes or they fear they will be cursed for life. Of course we all know that under that wart and face full of pimples is a complete knockout just waiting to emerge.

My rating for this film: 5.0