Crazy Cops 191 1/2

Directed: Boonsong Nakphoo
Starring: Danai Samutkochorn, Pairoj Jaisingha, Buntita Tarnwised
Running Time: 104 minutes
Year: 2003

Cop films don’t get much duller than this. It was like sitting around a campfire with ten year olds singing “Kumbaya” and roasting marshmallows. You can only pray it rains and rains hard. An episode of TJ Hooker would have made me get up and cheer after this. People who make films as uninteresting, pointless and innocuous as this should have their own special circle in Hell in which they have to watch each other’s films for eternity. It wasn’t so much that it was bad  - to be bad you have to attempt to do something and fail miserably – this had the ambition of a slug on a very hot day. This film has the edge of a melting stick of butter.

It has a real original premise that you have probably never seen before  - a young cop called Chart (Danai Samutkochorn – Body Jumper) right out of academy is a by the book energetic little bugger and he gets partnered with the veteran Sgt. Rueng (Pairoj Jaisingha – sort of a Thai Ng Man Tat type) who plays loose with the rules and doesn’t ever seem to be in a hurry. Chart is of course initially offended by the Sgt.’s apparent dereliction of duty, but eventually realizes that he is a wily old bird – and they bond. Yippie. May, a young female journalist (Buntita Tarnwised), rides along with them on their tour and doesn’t do much of anything. And for some reason that I never figured out, there is a subplot in which a rural son (the actor who played Phaen's friend in Monrak Transistor)  is asked by his dying father to go to Bangkok to find his long lost half brother – and he does – but what it has to do with the main story escaped me. This is a complete waste of time for anyone with a pulse in a non-vegetative state.

My rating for this film: 2.5