Sin Sisters


Director: Sukit Narintr
Year: 2003
Starring: Claudia Chakrapan, Chutima Every, Kamolchanok Verochana, Solaya Pinnarin, Thorfun Jittharatit
Time: 77 minutes

Well, the women are good looking anyway! I hadnít expected a lot more than this, but I suppose it would have been nice to have surrounded them with a story of sorts. Basically this film plays out like an anthology of five short stories on the Playboy channel Ė except this being a Thai film, the actresses never display any nudity. It does have a little spice and a little comedy but not a lot of brains and there is a bit of a twist at the end  - but itís mainly about five cuties that look pretty darn good.

They all go out to a country house to see a friend they havenít seen in a while and as women are wont to do they change into sexy lingerie and sit around smoking pot. When the lights go out they decide to tell each other the most embarrassing sexual thing that has ever happened to them. It sort of reminded me of that scene in Peking Opera Blues with Brigitte Lin, Sally Yeh and Cherie Chung! So they take turns and take the viewer with them on their little sexual misadventures. One of them is a nurse who takes her duties too far with a handsome patient, another seduces one of her young students after the vegetables don't satisfy her, one woman ends up at a swinging party by mistake and then leaves only to find even worse ahead of her, the fourth is an uptight advertising executive who finds herself in a scandalous video tape and the final woman has an even bigger surprise awaiting her friends.
It seems rather odd to make a film like this and leave the nudity out Ė like forgetting the peanut butter in a p&j sandwich Ė the scenes do have a nice glossy mild eroticism to them but nothing you havenít seen in a million cable TV movies. There is also a strong message regarding safe sex that they push and behind this perhaps an even bigger message that sex will get you into trouble so stay far away from it.

My rating for this film: 3.5