Death Trap

Director: Kitti Pakdeewijit
Stars: Michael Pupart, Champaign X
Time: 89 minutes
Year: 2003

Everyone who would have bought this film based on the DVD cover should reach into their pockets and send me a dollar. This is as tepid as English tea and cucumber sandwiches. There seems to be a recent explosion of Thai films being released on DVD - often with English subtitles - but many of them are flimsy low budget attempts to wring a few dollars from unsuspecting consumers. In truth, it is hard to resist a DVD with a cover that shows a pouty red lipstick sultry siren, a knife to her throat and enough bulging cleavage to sink a battleship - at least it's hard for some of us! - but this would be a good place to learn some discipline. I would say this is straight to video quality but even that would be giving it high praise - it is dull, it is obvious, it is full of pointless filler and it has acting that might give a third grade class a run for its money. Of course, for those who like a taste of Champaign it still may be difficult in the end to say no.

Champaign X that is. This lovely actress who throws off heat like a Thai curry made an enjoyably cheesy appearance in Krai Tong as one of the cute croc women and was sexually alluring in Dang Bireley as the glamorous girlfriend, but here no matter how often she bites her delicious lower lip she is unable to generate any sparks whatsoever. She does her best to ooze famme fatale but with a script that is moldier than the bread in my fridge she doesn't stand a chance.
She is married to a wealthy older man that she met as a nurse in the hospital when his wife died - not one to waste time - she sees an opportunity and takes it and is soon the lady of the house. One late rainy evening she and her husband run down a young man on the road and bring him home and you can take a pretty good guess where this one is going. What is hard to understand is why she goes to such depths to try and kill her husband when one would think she could do it by just walking around in her bikinis and sitting on his lap. The film spends much of its time focusing on Champaign X's red lips and curvy body - all fine with me - but unfortunately they tried saddling them with a plot.

My rating for this film: 1.0