Sick Nurses

Director: Piraphan Laoyont and Thadsapol Siriwiwat
Year: 2007
Rating: 6.0
Country: Thailand

This Thai film is as stupid as a pet rock but with much more of a bite. Idiocy rides rampant but there are some nice gory moments along the way. I have spent some time in Bangkok hospitals and sadly they were nothing like this one in which the film takes place. There seem to be only seven nurses on duty with one doctor but no patients and long dark lonely corridors filled with dread. I would like to meet the HR person who hired all these nurses as it seems their resumes might be a little light in the skill area but were versed in the showing of cleavage and various psychoses. They prance around the seemingly empty hospital, make out in the reception area, take constant selfies, caress their breasts a lot, have sex in the morgue after knocking the corpse off the stretcher, take showers (with their clothes on!), self-induce vomit and then weigh it and bitch at one another. They also sell dead bodies when available. Nurses just want to have fun.

This is the sort of film that about 10 minutes in and its stupidity on full display, you think to yourself - do I really want to finish this - 70 minutes to go - I could be doing something more constructive like picking lint out of my belly button or wondering where my youth went - but I figure I should give it another ten minutes and see where it goes - the girls are kind of sexy and as shallow as a mud puddle. And slowly I got dragged in like a cat with its prey. One of their fellow nurses died seven days ago and seven in this case is very unlucky because that is when the mourning period stops and their spirit comes back for a short visit. The nurses don't seem concerned but they should be because this is the visit from Hell.

They all colluded in killing the nurse for reasons too long to explain and she is back looking like a moving oil slick with glowing green eyes. She is not a happy spirit and this is when the fun begins. In increasingly gruesome and imaginative ways the ghost vents her anger and kills them with delicious pleasure. Now since everyone in the film is a louse - including the ghost when she was alive - you can just lay back, tension free, and enjoy the gore spree that ensues. Ooh, a mouthful of razors, the old standby hair strangulation, flying fetuses, body parts soaking in a bathtub and so much more.