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The over 40 year-old ex-wife of Kenny Bee has suddenly become a sex symbol with the release of "Colour Blossoms" in Hong Kong. If you have seen the 1998 film "Love and Sex of Eastern Hollywood", the character played by Paulyn Suen is suppose to be based on Teresa and the events that occur created a huge scandal at the time.

Here is an article on it:

I found this recent blurb on this actress as well:

"Ex-wife of Kenny Bee, Teresa Cheung makes her debut as a serious actress in an X-rated flick. Teresa's 70-year old mother refuses to attend the premiere while her 14-year old son becomes the laughingstock of his school. Teresa and her ex have been publicly bickering through the media for months. A few months earlier, Kenny Bee told his lovely ex to "go to hell.""


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