Sugar Daddies

Directed: Sun Chung

One might certainly expect more from director Sun Chung who was behind classics like “Big Bad Sis”, “Human Lanterns” and “Avenging Eagles”, but I would assume this was an assignment that he was stuck having to do. Perhaps the same is true of the leading man, Chung Wa, who was a kung fu fool in “The Bastard” in the same year. Of course he also starred in “Sexy Playgirls” as well in 1973 so maybe the Shaws were trying to figure out what to do with him – but he certainly looked more comfortable fighting off bad guys in “The Bastard” than he does in his fumbling love scenes. This film is also graced with the sleek cool presence of Betty Pei Ti (“Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan”) as well as small roles for future star Ricky Hui and one for Ha Ping. Though spiced up with some female nudity it never raises its head much above mediocrity.

L to R - Chung Wa, Lau Ng-kei, Lam Yi-wa and Betty Pei Ti
Siao Wu (Chung Wa) is basically a small time conman who isn’t very successful in his job or in his attempts to wangle money out of people. His girlfriend Ming Li (Lau Ng-kei) is losing patience with his promises to marry her when he gets rich. He hits upon a capital idea though to make money. He knows a girl Sally (Lam Yi-wa) who needs to make money and isn’t too particular about the how of doing so – so he organizes an office lottery in which his male co-workers buy tickets for a mere $5 and the winner gets to sleep with Sally. Ah, it makes you yearn for the good old days when men ruled the office and you could be a pimp without getting called in by HR. Siao gets his cut of the earnings and is on the way up in the world especially when his boss wins the lottery. This is only the beginning for this self-made pimp – he runs into his immoral equal when Irene (Betty) tries to swindle him – and instead he sets her up with four wealthy businessmen as their mistress – all not knowing they are sharing the same goods. The film sort of wanders back and forth between comedy and drama without successfully doing either.

Betty, Lam Yi-wa's bosum, Ricky Hui and Ha Ping

My rating for this film: 5.0