Romance of the Vampires

This is a film I have always been curious about ever since reading a blurb in Asian Cult Cinema, but I have to admit up front that it was a huge disappointment. This is surprising especially when you consider that the director, Ricky Lau, did most of the Mr. Vampire series. This film though is far from that series both in content and quality as it plays out more like a sex soap opera than a comic horror film. Other than some – hmmm . . .  interesting visuals dealing with one of the actresses rather large breasts, there was little here worth hanging on to. The vampires in this film are not your traditional HK film vampires – but updated to be more in the Western tradition with a strong sexual bent. Or to put it simpler, these vampires are more humping vampires than hopping vampires!
Yau Yuet Ching and her lover Ben Lam have just arrived in HK – but as the song goes “They only go out at night”. Usang tells Ben, who came to HK in a glass coffin, that HK is a great place for them because HK people “like first grade food, but see third grade films. All are fat and hot for sex. Their blood is sweet.” When this loving couple talks about going out for dinner, the chances are they will not need a Zagats guide to find good dining. Usang picks up a man at a bar and leads him into an alley where after some steamy squirming around, she gets down for the main course. There seems to be a connection between sexual arousal and a feeding frenzy for these two vampires.
Yvonne and Yuen King Tan
Ben Lam goes to the home of a call girl (Yuen King Tan – in a few humorous cameos), but before he works up an appetite he sees a picture of Yuen with another girl – Yvonne Yung Hung – who reminds him of a woman he loved in his past. Unfortunately, as shown in a flashback he could not control his hunger pangs one evening – but has regretted this momentary lapse (for him – for her it was eternal) in judgement. Yvonne Yung Hung is of course a bit infamous for her roles in such Category III classics as Chinese Torture Chamber Story and Ancient Chinese Whorehouse. This is my first sighting of her and I must say it’s good that she has rather lovely proportions because to put it kindly her acting ability all resides below her neck! Here she plays a blind call girl that is in the business only to raise money for an eye operation – but clearly doesn’t enjoy it. Not until she meets Ben that is.
He saves her from a gang of hooligans (led by Billy Chow) and it is love at – well I can’t say first sight can I – first touch. This causes all sorts of dilemmas as Yau is clearly not pleased with the situation and Ben loves Yvonne – but he knows when he gets aroused, he also gets hungry. And then when Yvonne tells him “I wish I could live with you forever” and bares her neck (along with a few other things), it is perhaps more temptation than even a good vampire can withstand.
It may or may not sound interesting – but it all plays out in slow motion and is very dull for the most part. The Category III sections have some alluring moments, but not nearly enough to save this film from a life of eternal boredom.

My rating for this film: 5.0

 DVD Information:

Distributor - Ocean Shores

Again this is another Ocean Shores release with what looks to be the same transfer as for the LD - with no menu or extras. No logo popping up on this one though.

NOT Letterboxed

Subs - burnt on English and Chinese

Subs are manageable - not great, but not terrible either in terms of being able to read them.