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Fennie was the rebel heroine, Little Melon, in Tai Chi Master, the girlfriend in Bullet in the Head and Blue Phoenix in Swordsman I & II, but before this she was the young and adorable actress in some of those Cinema City comedies of the mid-80s such as Isle of Fantasy, Happy Ghost II and Happy Ghost III. Back in the mid-80s Fennie along with Loletta Lee, Bonnie Law and Charine Chan were all discovered by Raymond Wong and they were termed "The Happy Little Girls Troupe" But, somewhere along the way Fennie grew up.

A film that stands to a large degree, as her adult coming out debut was Ringo Lam’s stark and brutal School on Fire in which Fennie plays a school girl who goes through some horrific traumas during the film. It was a gut checking performance as she shed all of her cutie pie mannerisms of her earlier comedies. She has a very interesting and varied filmography – other than the ones already mentioned she was also in the underrated The Raid, My Flying Wife, Royal Tramp I and II, White Cult Lotus and Sam the Iron Bridge. Over the past few years her film production has dropped to a very few regretfully – but she still is a star in TV.

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