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Ellen Chan was definitely one of the sexier stars in HK from the mid 80's to the mid 90's. She never quite made it to the "A" list in terms of films, but she had many fans. In the 80's she was in a number of solid films - Sam Hui's secretary in Aces Go Places 5, Tiger on the Beat 2, one of the squad in Inspector Wears Skirts and Max Mok's love interest in Lung Fung Restaurant. Even in these relatively innocent films, she had a smoldering sexuality to her - but it was hidden to some degree under an extremely cute veneer and physical assets that were not over sized.

In the 90's though, for whatever reason, she decided (ala Loletta Lee) to take advantage of her fabulous looks and made a few Cat. III films in which she displayed some of her charms. These were Fatal Love (with Michael Wong), Why Wild Girls and then the classic Love that is Wrong in which she played a murderous lesbian. Her career seems to have come to an end in the mid 90's - perhaps a casualty of marriage - with another "B" classic Eternal Evil of Asia..



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