Romancing the Star III

I am not sure if it was the excess of turkey I ate on Thanksgiving or the late hour that I began watching this (2 a.m.) that effected my brain, but I found this slight Wong Jing comedy fairly amusing though now I can’t think exactly why. Poof – it was gone faster from my brain than thoughts of love on a spring day. It has a totally insubstantial plot that is there only to frame a number of hit and miss gags around. There are a series of three Romancing the Star films though I am not clear if there is a connection other than Wong Jing producing and Stanley Fung appearing in all of them.
Andy Lau, Cheung Man and Stanley Fung
What is really surprising in my basic enjoyment of this film is that it completely wastes the talents of the actors that I watched the film for. Chingmy Yau, Cheung Man, Vivian Chow and Andy Lau are utilized terribly while the spotlight falls on the likes of Wong Jing, Lawrence Cheng, Shing Fui On and Chan San Hui. Andy was likely doing three or more films at the same time – and so (though prominently displayed on the cover) only has time to pop in for a few quick cameos and then vanishes again – while the women are there primarily to act as a foil and a lusting target for the male characters. A criminal misuse of resources in my book – but still a little Chingmy is better than no Chingmy!
Lawrence Cheng, Wong Jing, Shing Fui On and Chan San Hiu
Stanley Fung owns a car repair shop and hires the four fellows – and then learns that an old rival in love, James Wong, has opened a competing repair shop next door. Assisting him are his three daughters – Chingmy, Vivian and Wanda Yung – and his sister-in-law Cheung Man – not your typical grease monkeys! The boys immediately have eyes for the girls but their courting techniques are clearly lacking so the Love Doctor (Andy Lau) makes a house call and tries to teach them the 13 Ways to Seduce a Woman!
Wanda Yung, Cheung Man, James Wong, Chingmy Yau and Vivian Chow
Another thread running through the film is everyone’s desires to emigrate – and everyone is trying to make enough money to get out of HK as soon as possible. Stanley also runs an emigration business on the side – and depending on how much money his clients have he sets them up overseas. For the four boys, the only place they can afford is somewhere in Africa where natives are still running around with spears – another blatant non-PC example of HK film’s lack of sensitivity in certain areas. Later they perform in a gay club in San Francisco with equal sensitivity! Also appearing in the film are Fung King Man as the head of a gang, Dennis Chan as the theater owner and Sandra Ng making a cameo as a waitress.
The film is full of corny routines, film parodies and just plain nonsense that ranges from extremely lame to slightly amusing – but never inspired comedy – yet it has an overall easy going humor to it that hit the right spot – but clearly something I would not likely bother with ever again.

My rating for this film: 6.0

DVD Information:

Distributed by Universe

The transfer is fine - basic Universe standard - not as sharp as it could be - but clean and with OK coloring.


Cantonese and Mandarin language tracks

Chinese or English subs - that are easy to read.

8 Chapters

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Star files on Andy Lau, Wong Jing and Vivian Chow.