Leslie Cheung TV Special

Perhaps I am going a bit HK film crazy when I start renting TV specials with some of my favorite stars in it, but what can I say. This special has a lot of star power – Leslie Cheung, Cecilia Cheung and Chingmy Yau – with cameos from Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng and Anita Mui. It has no English subtitles.
I was admittedly expecting a lot more from this TV show – or at least something different – hoping for a lot of musical skits or comedy routines – but in fact the show was a 90 minute drama with a few Leslie Cheung songs in the background. I can’t say I see the point of it as it certainly did not look very interesting at all.

Leslie is married to Chingmy – goes off to Paris – and as all men do in Paris – has an affair  - with the much younger Cecilia Cheung. So there are lots of lovely scenic shots of them driving through the French countryside and drinking vino at French cafes. Every now and then Leslie calls Chingmy who is always playing Mahjong with her buddies Eric and Sandra.

This was interesting to me primarily for the likely unintentional symbolism. Leslie leaves Chingmy – who in real life is probably leaving show business to get married and this may be her last appearance – for a younger woman – Cecilia – who is the hottest new actress on the HK scene right now.
If I had understood it perhaps it would have been more enthralling, but under these circumstances:

My rating for this film: 4.5