No Risk, No Gain (Casino Raiders - The Sequel)

Hmmm? First, from what I have figured out, this film is really in no sense a sequel to Casino Raiders even if it does have the two main actors back and even if their characters are similar in makeup. Since Andy Lau and Alan Tam don’t know each other when the film begins, I thought perhaps it was a prequel  - but that doesn’t really fit the facts either. There is also another film simply called Casino Raiders II with Lau and Wu Chien-lien, but I was informed that this film is also not really a sequel. It’s a bit confusing, but HK and Wong Jing often do their best to capitalize on the popularity of other films (and Casino Raiders had sat in the theaters for nearly three months) and sequels or sequels in name only is a fairly common practice.
Natalis Chan, Alan Tam , Andy Lau, Michelle Reis
Though the film shares the name and the actors from Casino Raiders, it certainly doesn’t share the mood of that film. This film makes no attempt to create melodrama or tension – it does though make an effort to have you laugh and it succeeds to some degree. I never thought the day would come when I would admit that Andy Lau teamed up with the usually dreaded Natalis Chan was funny – but these two riff off one another quite effectively and I found myself fairly amused by their slap stick interactions.
Tam, May Lo, Andy and Natalis
In fact, Andy is the best thing about this film just as he was in Casino Raiders. I certainly never expected to say that about a film that has Michelle Reis in it! I better control myself here – the next thing I know I’ll be buying Andy's Idol cards and holding candles at his concerts. Well – no – probably not – but he is actually very lively and engaging in this film. It’s a piffle of a film – and never takes itself too seriously – and Andy fits in fine. It's no wonder one of the women says to Andy "You are so cool and so full of mandom".
Alan Tam is considered the King of Asian gamblers and is working at a US casino when he is forced by a Taiwanese gambler  - Cheung Shan Ho - (he places three bombs in the casino) to come to Macau for a big gambling match to see who is really the top gambler in Asia. Tam though makes a stopover in Hong Kong where he is charmed by the lovely May Lo (Jackie Cheung’s real life wife) and then is easily scammed out of his suitcase by Andy and Natalis. When they open it, they discover a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills and a pass to the big match. So what do they do – decide of course to impersonate Tam and take his place at the gambling table.
Simple enough – except the host of the match (Tien Feng) and his adopted son (Anthony Wong) have a plot underway to take over their triad by killing Tam and framing Cheung for the murder. Then the Mafia that Tam works for will revenge him.  Before all that happens though Natalis finds himself well attended to by Christine Ng and Andy falls for the charms of Cheung’s daughter – Michelle Reis. Then Tam shows up but decides to keep the charade going – because it may be safer for him if everyone thinks that the idiot Natalis is really him. Anthony Wong as the totally evil son is perfectly despicable and delightful as he plots their demise. Shing Fui On makes an appearance as well as the hired killer from Hong Kong.
Natalis, Christine Ng, Anthony Wong and May Lo
The film moves by quickly – has the requisite big gambling scene – has some silly laughs, a little romance and has one big shootout. Hey, what more do you want in ninety minutes?
Michelle, Andy and Shing Fui On

My rating for this film: 7.0

DVD information:

Distributed by Mei Ah

The transfer is fine for the most part - nothing special - but I thought quite acceptable.

The subtitles are in Chinese and English and are burnt into the print, but are fairly easy to read most of the time.

The film is Letterboxed

There is no menu - and thus no extras of any kind.