Gigolo and Whore II

Reviewed by YTSL

If ever there was any doubt:  Yes, this movie is as Politically Incorrect as its title is to the point.  I.e., not only is its main male character someone who gets paid to sexually satisfy women but he is specifically assigned in the main story to seduce a lesbian business rival by a man whose unfashionable clothing initially prompts the Mamasan (the gigolo's pimp) to mistake and dismiss him as being a homosexual.  On top of it all, we -- the viewers -- are clearly expected to cheer on and hope for the success of the efforts of Simon Yam's clearly expert gigolo to turn Rosamund Kwan's surprisingly convincing and sexy as well as swaggering Tomboy -- or "TB" as the subtitles would have it -- from a "crooked" to a "straight" woman; even while we get to cluck disapprovingly at the underhanded way by which Alex Fong's uptight executive (dissatisfied over Kwan's Sherin Chan taking over a company by way of getting a majority of shares from her father plus acquiring some of her own) is attempting to gain control of the multimillion dollar business and sympathize with Veronica Yip's controlling as well as sizzling Mamasan upon her head ruling over her heart even when she doesn't want it to...

Veronica, Rosamund and Alex
So, be warned that if you are easily offended, GIGOLO AND WHORE II is most emphatically NOT for you.  Ditto if you are one to actually worry that the film's whole plot has been revealed in the first paragraph of this review.  On the other hand, if you are able to lie back and just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, what can be found in this "only in Hong Kong" production is an abundance of absolutely good natured fun, some rather memorable sights (including one of the lengthiest love scenes I have seen in a Hong Kong movie), quite a few amusing yet "spot on" as well as astoundingly frank pieces of conversation and lines (notably regarding the different sobriquets and pet names by which one can refer to the male reproductive organ!) along with a general sense of cheer and goodwill...All of which makes for a rather entertaining package -- as well as guilty (but not at all hard core) pleasure a la "Boys are Easy" and "I'm Your Birthday Cake" -- of a film.
Should anyone wonder, GIGOLO AND WHORE II is not really connected with the 1991 production that starred Carina Lau as the woman whose stated goal was to become the King (sic.) of Whores!  Although Simon Yam did also play a master charmer of women in that movie, that and this character have about as much in common as either do -- actually, quite a bit! -- with the spy instructor role he essayed in "Black Cat".  Similarly, poor Alex Fong seems to be only in the picture once more as the hunky but not sensitive-enough foil to suave and giving Simon (N.B. While male viewers will undoubtedly thrill at the sight of an entirely naked Veronica Yip, my sense is that females will also enjoy this Category III production in large part because of Simon's performance and his character being the kind of man who unfortunately probably only exists in dreams and Hong Kong movies!).
Strictly speaking, there really isn't a "whore" in this 1992 affair (Veronica Yip's character comes closest but it should be pointed out that she is not the offering's lead female).  But "Gigolo and Tomboy" probably would not sound quite as alluring as GIGOLO AND WHORE  II.  Also, it does not really furnish one with a more accurate indication of what this surprisingly kind- and big-hearted film is about (Ultimately, and sweetly as well as romantically, that love conquers all...!).  Neither does that latter designation amply describe the rather complex -- or at least versatile -- character that the too often under-utilized Rosamund Kwan plays with quite a bit of relish and to perfection here.
In closing, I do wish to emphasize that this is much more of an absurd comedy than anything else.  Though a movie with a title like GIGOLO AND WHORE II cannot help but generate some heat, my honest sense is that its makers more frequently aimed for the funny bone than any other part of the body.  This feeling is accentuated by its seeming to combine elements of the kind of e-mail forwardings about men and women that many people delight in sharing with their friends and love as much as sex advice columns found in newspapers and women's (and presumably men's too?) magazines.  At this juncture, I'm not quite sure what it says about me that this offering made me titter and giggle as well as smile and laugh much more than any Stephen Chow romp I've viewed to date.  What I do know is that I not only found it extremely agreeable but also valuably able to get me out of the kind of annoying funk that we can get plunged into against our will from time to time.

My rating for the film:  8.

Reviewed by Brian
Veronica Yip walks out and slowly drops her robe to the floor – displaying the charms that lay hidden underneath. She then eases over to the indoor pool/Jacuzzi and slowly submerges herself into the warm welcoming water. Out of the water appears Simon Yam and he slowly swims over to her and submerges himself below – Veronica begins to smile hinting at what is taking place underneath the water. The camera then suddenly pans over to four young men dressed only in their underpants – each holding a spoon that has a hard-boiled egg on it. As the action heats up in the pool, one after another of the eggs falls cracking to the floor until only one egg remains. A new recruit has been added to the venerable ranks of HK gigolos! Watching Simon and Veronica was simply an entrance test and I have to admit my egg would have dropped along with Veronica’s robe!
How can you not love a film that starts like this and refuses to take itself seriously throughout? It is full of light silly totally absurd moments that has Simon first taking the young man (whose egg did not fall) under his wing and imparting all of his gigolo advice to him and then having to seduce a tough as nails lesbian – Rosamund Kwan. My money was on Simon. With his charms and his “little bananna” did Rosamund really have a chance?

For any of you who have hopes of becoming gigolos in the future – or perhaps are already members of this noble profession, here are some tips from the master himself. Think of your penis as your “good brother” because it fights for you, works for you and earns money for you. So respect it and never damage it. No matter how unattractive the woman that you have to service – go for it immediately – pretend you have been on a desert island for three years and have gone without sex – then she will look beautiful. Remember, man is most comfortable when making love while a woman is most comfortable after making love. So kiss her, caress her and hold her. And finally it is important to have as Simon says a penis that is "elastic"!

Words to live and work by.

My rating for this film: 7.5

DVD Information:

Distributor - Universe

This is one of the first Universe DVDs that I have felt really dissatisfied with. The transfer is very soft, murky at times. It looks very much like they simply used the LD source.


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Previews: First Shot and Gigolo and Whore I

8 Chapters

Subs - burnt on English and Chinese

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