The Association

What the hell? I am not a prude – but some things just don’t go to together – and Angela Mao and nudity would be one of those. Angela Mao rarely even revealed her bare arms in a film, so how she managed to find herself in a film that is chock full of sleaze and nudity is beyond me. Of course it is possible that she wasn’t even aware of it. Her minimal scenes are far away from all the lewd going ons.

This is a bad film – lets be clear about that – even with Angela (in fact two of them), Sammo Hung and Carter Wong. Of course Angela has at most fifteen minutes of screen time (and two very short fights though she gets to shoot the bad guy in the end), Sammo is around a lot but is still a very minor character and Carter shows up near the end and gets shot almost immediately.

As I mentioned, there are two Angela’s but one of them is executed even before the opening credits start up! I was almost ready to shut it off at that point until I saw Sammo and so continued to watch on – and later Angela’s twin sister shows up.

The story seems to take place in the 1930s or so – and the first Angela kills someone for murdering her father and mother. Her friend is a policeman (Sammo is his assistant) and he turns her in. As Angela is about to be executed, he apologizes – “its my job” and Angela tells him not to worry about it – but makes him promise to track down some nefarious villain who runs a prostitute ring. He follows up on his promise and later Angela’s sister comes to help him. Among all this – there are lengthy – and I mean lengthy nude and sex scenes involving many girls of all races. It’s really tacky and bad. This is a film to stay away from unless you are an Angela completist as many of us are. I knew this was suppose to be a bad one coming in - but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

Sorry for not having any pictures - but they were just coming out horribly.

My rating for this film: 3 – and only that because of a couple of good Angela glares!