Thunder Cops II

If you came here for a comedy, turn around and leave. If you came here to be slapped across the face till you are black and blue this is the right place to be.  This film is a continuous assault against your senses. It is absolutely brutal and intense from beginning to end. I am in dire need of a Stephen Chow film after this. Wait a second, this was a Stephen Chow film. How did I manage to rent three Chow films and none of them were comedies?

Sandra Ng is the main character in this film and she gives a stunning in your face performance. Chow in a heartfelt dramatic role is excellent as well.

Sandra Ng , vegtable and killer
The film begins with Sandra as a traffic officer who gets involved with a police raid that is being led by her father, Eddie Ko. She makes a botch of it and causes the death of her father and the killer gets away. To gain revenge she goes through police training and turns herself into a tough Dirty Harry type cop. In tracking down the killer she uses a junkie informant - Ann Bridgewater in a harrowing performance to keep tabs of Shing Fui-On who is doing a drug deal with the killer.
Ann Bridgewater
Lots of horrible things happen and Ng has to use Shing Fui-Ons crippled brother, Stephen Chow to get to him. It turns out that the killer is also now trying to kill Shing Fui-On and is also after Chow. This film never lets up and is brutal to the end. There are three action scenes that are absolutely terrific. In the first one Chow is about to be killed and Ng does a Chow Yun Fat to rescue him. The scene is filmed from Chows perspective as if in a dream and its an incredible scene.
Eyes of Chow
I think in the end that I appreciated this film - great acting jobs, intriguing cinematography and good action - but by the end credits you may be reaching for your prozak medication.