Moon Lee

Everyone loves Moon Lee or if they don't they should. It's difficult to imagine that someone as small and adorable as she is could be an action star, but she pulls it off with style. She always seems to give a 100% and is able to convince the viewer that she really could be beating the hell out of those guys twice her weight. Very few things give me more pleasure than watching her do this in a well choreographed action sequence.

She has appeared in classics like Zu Warriors and Mr Vampire, but it was in Angel in 1988 that made her a fighting femme star and she has been doing it ever since. Some of my favorites of hers are Princess Madam, Killer Angels, Beauty Investigators, Kickboxers Tears and A Serious Shock in which she played the baddie. I don't know if she ever has been in that role in any other film. According to Deadly China Dolls, Moon was born on Febuary 14, 1965 and was trained in dance before going into acting. With the "girls with guns" genre having slipped in popularity, she isn't doing a lot of films these days and is splitting her time between TV and teaching dance.