Raging Angels

The raging angels here are two of the lovelier actresses in HK and two of my favorites – Jade Leung and Carrie Ng. Both look fabulous here and make a nice team, but that would be the main if not the only reason to watch this film.

The basic problem is that the two of them don’t begin to rage and do bodily harm until the last twenty minutes of the film. By then we have had to sit through over an hour of watching their world tragically fall apart. The plot is not a bad one considering that the film appears to have been made on the budget of a high school play. It was filmed in the Philippines and it certainly shows it.

Carrie Ng is married to the head of a large corporation. Someone inside the company is stealing money and in a power play to take over the company he kills Carrie’s husband. It’s not too difficult for us to guess who the villain is – whenever you see Roy Cheung in the cast, chances are he is the bad guy. A good tip to future entrepreneurs – never hire anyone that looks like Cheung. Or watch your back.

Jade comes into the picture because she has recently married the accountant in the company and has become friends with Carrie. Lots of terrible things happen to both of them before they finally get around to taking revenge, but most viewers will have lost interest by then.

On the good news side, Jade’s hand to hand fighting looks much better and authentic than it has in previous movies and she still looks better than any other female around when it comes to blowing guys away with a gun. She did a little two handed gunplay here that was an enjoyable sight.

Still overall, a fairly disappointing film that with a bigger budget and some more action could have been a decent film.

My rating for this film: 5.0