Stoner is George Lazenby – best known for his one portrayal of James Bond in On Your Majesty’s Secret Service – an Australian cop whose girlfriend dies from an overdose of Happy Pills. These pills dramatically increase the sexual appetite of women, but as they say - too much of a good thing ! He traces the supply back to HK and flies there to investigate. Behind a bushy moustache, Lazenby is barely recognizable from his Bond character for much of the film.

At the same time, the police in Taiwan suspect some criminal doing in HK as well and send one of their own to go undercover to look into it. Their best is of course Angela Mao.

Sammo Hung (with a gigantic mole attached to his nose!) has a role as one of the villain’s enforcers and Betty Ting Pei as the main bad guy’s girlfriend.
Betty Ting and Sammo
Eventually, Lazenby and Angela team up to take on the many villains in their lair.

This is not a bad film with a large amount of fighting. Fortunately, the bad guys don’t have enough money to own any guns so all the fighting is hand to hand. Lazenby isn’t too bad in this respect, as he seems to beat up much of HK – poor Sammo being his victim on more than one occasion. Angela has lots of screen time, but doesn’t get to use her martial arts until after one hour of running time. When she finally does though she is great to see. By comparison, she makes Lazenby look as if he is fighting in slo-mo. Her kicks are lightening quick and she can kick from any position.

This was the Golden Harvest version – a mix of English and Chinese dialogue– and has some female nudity interjected - primarily though of unattractive gwielo women. 

Note: It was of course Betty Ting’s apartment that Bruce Lee died in. She later married Charles Heung a well known Triad boss involved in the film business in HK.