Dance of Death

Crash Cinema issued this Angela Mao vehicle in widescreen format with subtitles that are reasonably easy to read most of the time.

For the most part the film is played for laughs and it is a bit goofier than I would have preferred. Another kung fu school kills a few of Angela’s friends, but she is able to escape. She comes upon an Abbot & Costello kung fu country bumpkin pair who fight each other every five years to see who has the best kung fu. Fortunately, they always fight to a draw, but Angela tricks them into training her so that they can see who is better by watching her fight her opponents. Her real motive is of course revenge.

Jackie Chan choreographed the fights, but I found them fairly slow and uninteresting with again too much  comedy mixed in. At times it felt more like dancing than fighting and it was very clear that the punches and kicks were coming nowhere close to hitting the other person.
Angela and Jackie practicing (pict from Deadly China Dolls)
Nevertheless, it was a pleasure watching the amazing agility and grace of Angela Mao. This was filmed near the end of her career, but she still has a wonderful assortment of moves. In the opening credits, she performs a solo exercise that wonderfully showcases her disciplined and perfect movement.
Angela Mao in a serious moment