Lady Whirlwind

Ah, finally I get to see Angela Mao in action. She is legendary of course as one of the first and best of the female fighters. After seeing this film, I can certainly see her appeal. She is very attractive and yet has a tough, determined look about her. I will certainly be trying to track down more of her films.
Angela Mao
In this one, Angela comes to town looking for Ling Shou Hou, the man who three years ago deserted and dishonored her sister. In the meantime though, Ling has turned his life around and is seeking revenge of his own against some really villainous types.

So Angela goes into the town’s casino and proceeds to clean them out. On her way out the door she is stopped by one of the bad guy’s henchman. He looks vaguely familiar . . . it’s … yes a very young Sammo Hung. Angela proceeds to kick Sammo and his gang all over the casino. Something she does later in the film as well.

yup look closely, thats Sammo Hung
She soon tracks down Ling, but he begs her to let him live one more day so that he can complete his own revenge. She lets him go, but promises to kill him later.

Pai Ying who is the second killer in Michelle Yeoh’s Royal Warriors plays the real bad guy in this one and shows up in a number of her films.

Pai Ying
Pretty good film with a lot of fighting. The fighting scenes are divided equally between Angela and the actor who plays Ling.