Horoscope I: The Voice from Hell

First, I have to say that Athena Chu looks great in green – as in her skin color. It seems that green is the preferred color of choice when ghosts possess you. There are lots of other fun facts to learn regarding the afterlife in this tale of spirits and revenge. Though there is nothing here that will have you looking under your bed before going to sleep, it strikes an enjoyable combination of supernatural thrills and comedic hijinks.
I think you have had a few drinks too many. Your'e looking a little green
Unlike many of Wong Jing’s films though, the comedy never really gets so silly that it deflects from the main story. And how could you not find Helen Law Lan lying comatose with a toad in her mouth and Lam Song-yee having to suck the breath out of a cockroach and kiss Auntie in order to bring her back to life anything but funny.

The film begins with a prologue in which a real estate agent is showing an apartment in a public housing building to a couple. They complain that the walls are still wet and the agent begins visibly perspiring. Suddenly they are among two ghosts who are replaying the last moments of their lives. The wife (Pinky Cheung) gets a call from her husband to get out of the apartment quickly as someone is coming to kill her and their son. They try, but the door has been chained and she and the boy are then burnt to death. For some reason, the prospective tenants don’t take the apartment. I would have thought with housing as tight as it is in HK, a small thing like sharing it with two ghosts would not be a problem.

Pinky Cheung all dressed up with no where to go
Athena Chu is a psychiatry student who volunteers her time to help old people. One of her cases is Aunt Szeto – played by the wonderfully creepy Helen Law Lan. She is a psychic and communicates with the dead and Athena thinks she is just a phony until she too starts seeing spirits. One is a little girl crying tears of blood and the other is a small boy. It turns out that Auntie lives in the same apartment building as the two ghosts. The mother ghost is looking for revenge on her husband for getting her killed and she needs a body to possess to do this. As she says later after possessing Athena’s body “I like this body”. Me too.
There are nice acting jobs all around. Athena follows up on her excellent performance in HK Triad with a good job here – in particular in her possessed phase. But Law Lan steals the film with a great job. She just commands your attention. One scene in which she is in a trance and goes from kung-fu kicker to a squalling baby is inspired. There are some other good supporting roles performed by Ng Chi-hung, Yuen King-tan, Simon Lui and Lam Song-yee.
An easy way to spend 90 minutes – a few chills and a few laughs and actually an ending that is quite moody, suspenseful and a bit chilling.