Wicked City

Two entwined figures enter into a cheap hotel room. Only the red neon of Tokyo throws any light into the darkened interior. The woman is a beautiful prostitute who calls herself Evian – “because I thirst for you” – but as they embrace her hands suddenly turn into razor sharp claws and she attempts to devour him. She is a monster – literally – and turns into a spider like creature – with a lustful need for blood. Suddenly, a man crashes through the window and with the assistance of the other fellow kills the monster.
Looks like an old girlfriend of mine
This scene begins the film with a quick jolt and it rarely lets up. Based on a Japanese anime, Tsui Hark creates a fantastic vision that captures the feeling and look of anime with rapid edits, blue tinted colors, strange camera angles, beautiful close ups and startling Dali like imagery. The two men in the hotel room were Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung and they belong to the anti-monster squad. Earth has become infested and infiltrated with alien creatures that are able to take on the form of humans. The anti-monster squad hunts them down and exterminates them, but the monsters have incredible powers and are growing much stronger. 1997 is approaching. Whenever a film points that out I assume there is some symbolism intended. Do the monsters represent China ? Doesn't really matter in this drug induced dream of a film. A wealthy businessman is suspected of being a monster and Leon is assigned to investigate him. Both Leon and Jackie have conflicts to deal with. Leon once fell in love with a monster that saved his life. As this monster looks like Michelle Reis it is quite understandable ! Jackie is half human; half monster and is not trusted by anyone but his partner.
It turns out that the businessman wants to make peace with the humans, but his son, Roy Cheung, has a very different agenda. Roy wants to make the human race slaves to the monsters. He distributes a drug called happiness that will eventually poison the human race. Images and spectacle come at the viewer like a hail of bullets and as the film progresses they get larger and more bizarre. The film runs at an incredibly frenetic pace and Tsui makes little effort to assist the viewer in understanding what is often going on. He just throws all this at you as if to say “you’re on your own. Have fun”.  This splendid inventive film is one of the best sci-fi films to come out of HK. By the way, this film can be found at many video stores in easy to read sub-titles.

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