24-Hour Ghost Story

What, now ghosts have a hunger for a king size slushy and a chili dog? In this one four friends Francis Ng, Gigi Lai, Simon Lui & Chin Kar-Lok open a 24-hour convenience store, but soon Francis starts hearing a Peking Opera song playing even on a disconnected phone. The problem is no one else hears it. Is he going crazy or is the store haunted.
Soon Dayo Wong a cop is spooked as well and the two of them try to exorcise the ghost. It turns out that seven years before four friends had also worked there and had killed each other in a night of insanity. Will history be repeated?
Ng and Dayo - one chili dog too many or a ghost?
The first hour of this low budget film is as mild as a tuna fish sandwich, but then things start getting a little nasty as the ghost begins possessing  them and causing problems leading perhaps to murder? A fairly so-so entry into the horror genre with a few good moments.