Troublesome Night

Here are presented four tales of ghosts and horror. Well, ghosts anyway. The horror part is a little lacking, but the stories are all entertaining in a television sort of way. A low cost production where most of the budget seems to have gone into the sound effects. A few well-known actors are on hand.

In the first tale three guys go camping and at night they meet three girls. Ada Choi suggests a fun game Ė copying tombs  - in which you have to go to a cemetery and write down the names of the dead. Not high on my list of things I would prefer doing, but off they go. Louis Koo notices though that on one of the tombstones is a picture of Ada Choi. Ah oh !

In the second chilly tale, Christy Chung and her husband are driving separate cars on a rainy night in HK. It is their anniversary and they are meeting at a restaurant. They are talking to each other on a cell phone when they are both parked out front. Then why canít they see one another? Whoooo !
Christy Chung
The third tale re-introduces some of the characters of the first. A ghost possesses one of the girls and seems to be quite enjoying himself. This segment seemed to exist only to show a little cleavage (of which this site will gladly take advantage !)
The final tale takes place at the traditional Tuesday midnight movie openings. The star and his girlfriend (Christine Ng) are on hand. As are apparently some unwelcome creatures.
This seems to be a popular series in HK because as of last count they are up to Troublesome Night IV.