The Thirty Million Dollar Rush

This comedy caper seems fairly typical of the films that Cinema City was putting out in the 80ís. Lots of slapstick, chases, pratfalls and so forth. I canít say I found it particularly compelling for the most part, but there were a few good bits in it. This type of comedy really isnít my cup of tea and I rented it primarily for the presence of one actor.

Eric Tsang is in charge of burning the Central Banks old bags of money and one day due to a malfunction three bags worth 30 million dollars are not shredded. Instead they are stored at the burning facility for the weekend and  his mind starts turning to how many ways he could spend that money. So he puts together a gang of two friends and Baldie (Karl Maka) to steal it. Brigitte Lin (the reason I rented this) as a nun overhears the plan and decides to follow them. A cop who has it in for Baldie is also following them. A few double-crosses later and naturally everyone finds themselves trying to steal the money at the same time. Then for the last twenty minutes the chase is on.

Brigitte as a kung fu, motorcycle-riding nun is easily the best part of this unless you are a patron of the art of cornball comedy. It was difficult to tell Ė but it looked like John Woo had a small cameo in this film. Could this be him?
John Woo ? and Karl Maka