The Spooky Family

In this pleasant but not overtly funny comedy, Kent Cheng is both a vampire hunter and collector. His son assists him, while his wife and daughter tell fortunes. He has two vampires up in the attic and tells his son to go dust them, but don’t play any jokes on the sleeping vampire. He is busy working on a “Human and Corpse Linking Machine” that will allow him to control the minds of the dead.
Kent Cheng
Word comes to him that a Copper Vampire is on the loose. This is a special type of powerful vampire and he and his son go off to capture it. After a fierce battle they are able to control the vampire and bring it back home. At some point though the vampire frees itself and becomes more powerful than ever and the entire family must enter the battle. The family also needs the assistance of Nina Li, another vampire specialist. This is pretty much played for humor though after watching this I had the strangest dreams. I am not sure if it was the film or the Chinese meal I had though !
This would be a Copper Vampire - foxtails and all !
Sandra Ng and Shing Fui-On have small cameos in the film.