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Born in 1971, Anita has been one of the more popular actresses in HK during the 1990's. Her first film was Days of Being Dumb and after a few small parts, she came into her own with her roles in UFO films such as Tom, Dick and Hairy, He Ain't Heavy, He's my Father and He is a Woman, She is a Man. Her portrayal of slightly quirky characters with a big heart captured the film goers imagination and from 1993 through 1996, it felt like she was in every other film to come out of HK.

Some of her other popular films are Age of Miracles, C'est la Vie, Mon Cherie, Chinese Feast, From Beijing with Love, Hu Du Men and Golden Girls. She has even done a few action films like A Taste of Killing and Romance and Crystal Fortune Run. Like Audrey Hepburn, her short hair style was quite the style of choice for a while. She has been teamed up with Lau Ching-Wan in a number of films and they always have great chemistry in their films.

Perhaps she did too many films because her popularity seems to have plummeted of late. I still think she is terrific though and look forward to anything she is in. She was absolutely wonderful in two recent films  - Till Death Do Us Part and Enter the Eagles.

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