The Legendary Strike

Though there is not a lot of action in this film, it has an intriguing plot that will keep the viewer interested. It is full of conspiracies, betrayals, hidden identities and a search for a sacred treasure. It has a fine ensemble cast with Angela Mao, Carter Wong, Mars and Chu Kong among them.
A Ching Prince (Carter Wong) secretly sells a sacred pearl to a Japanese emissary, but he has set forth a devious plan so that he can get the pearl back. The emissary suspects evil doing and hides a fake pearl in his hair and swallows the real one. On his way back, the Japanese is attacked by Mars (Jackie Chan’s partner in Police Story I) and is killed. A fellow who claims to be a Shaolin monk then sets upon Mars and in the ensuing fight Mars is killed. All this has been watched by Chu Kong (Sydney in The Killer) and only he is aware that the pearl has been swallowed by the emissary.
Carter Wong, Mars and Chu Kong
Chu steals the dead body of Mars and soon the Chings and a fellow Japanese are in pursuit. Soon dead bodies and coffins are getting mixed up and no one seems to know why they are all after Mar’s body. At one point – about 30-minutes into the film Angela makes her appearance. One of the coffins is tracked down and opened – only to have Angela in it - who then winks at her very surprised spectators.
Angela it turns out is a Korean rebel and she soon teams up with Chu to fight the Chings. This leads to some good fighting in the last thirty minutes of the film. The fighting is particularly interesting because Angela and Chu are more than evenly matched by Carter Wong and his henchmen.
This is a pretty good film for the most part – a little disappointing in terms of fights – but a solid plot, some suspense and good performances from Angela and Chu make this one of Angela’s better films.